The Moon’s Gift is an introductory book that welcomes girls into womanhood.

Aimed at girls age 10+, the book offers a simple, kind and holistic approach to the Female Cycle.

The Moon’s Gift addresses feelings, includes hands-on exercises, stories, images and portrays the cycle in a positive way.

It’s a useful resource for the whole family and an educational guide.


The Moon’s Gift offers girls the opportunity: 

• to receive information about what they are going through.
• to listen, respect and enjoy their body.
• to accept their nature. Just like nature’s cycles balance life, comprehending our cycle and flowing with it gives us peace and well-being.
• feel healthy, proud and blessed.
•  to recongnize the power and wisdom of the female cycle.
• to discover themselves as women.
• to dream about the unique and creative woman they’d like to be.


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